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2014 Inductees BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame

Preliminary Results of Inductees
British Columbia Amateur Boxing 
Hall of Fame and BC Boxing History

By Brian Zelley

* It has been a four month 
process to nominate the 
potential nominees and 
then make the selections.

* subject to the final approval of those selected, there are ten
recently selected and one selected in advance.

Pioneers: Billy Townsend and William Finlay
Junior/Youth boxer:   Jamey Ballard
All-rounder:  boxer/coach Jimmy McMillan

Boxers:  Jack Meda and Kitt Munro

Builders - Bert Wilkinson, Bob Pegues,
Harry Twist and Jeff Yule

1994 Commonwealth Games, boxing

                                 Jack Meda, boxer

                                Jimmy McMillan, all-rounder 

                                 Bob Pegues, builder

                                                    Billy Townsend, pioneer

                                                             Harry Twist, boxing coach

William J. Finlay, pioneer, is best known for
his early involvement with the Sun Golden Gloves
beginning in 1939, and in 1946 he supported 
the idea of a Canadian Golden Gloves tournament
which became a reality 67 years later with the
first ever Canadian Golden Gloves in Ontario 2013/

Golden Memories - A walk down memory lane:

*WE all have a story to tell about some or all of
the 2014 and for some of us we have met most of the
the inductees face to face.  For me, I have met
all of the inductees a number of times except
William J. Finlay.  However, I have mentiuoned
him many times in past stories and his role in
the BC Golden Gloves.

On a time travel, I first remember Bert Wilkinson
as the Island Commissioner in the Sixties when I
started to box and had my first bout in January '64/
Years later I would join with Bert and many others
as part of the volunteers for the 1994 Victoria
Commonwealth Games. 

I would first meet Jimmy McMillan in 1966
when he was one of the best boxers of
Canada.  I would fight him in a good bout
which would be a split decision. 

During 1967 and 1968, I would meet others
including Jack Meda, Jeff Yule, and Harry Twist
while a member of the Newcastle Boxing Club
and the Vancouver Firefighters boxing club.
In 1967/1968 while boxing for the Firefighters
I would also train with two boxers that began
at Harry's Burnaby club when Freddy Fuller
and Frankie Scott both would join the
Firefighters. I would also meet the great
Billy Townsend when he was introduced
into the ring before my finals in the
1967 BC Golden Gloves 

It was 1969, and I would meet a young teenager
by the name of Bob Pegues who told me that he
was interested in boxing, but it would take two
years before the Nanaimo Boxing Club was formed
and we would become early club mates for a few

Then there was Kit Munro who I would help
train during my years with the Victoria
Jaycees Boxing club.  Later, in the mid eighties
I would be an official in some of his fights on
Vancouver Island.  I would also officiate at some
of the bouts of Jamie Ballard.  In 1984, Jamey
would serve as one of the coaches and I would
be one of the officials at the BC Winter Games
in Fort St. John.

Public Participation:
For potential nominees, there were 47 persons 
involved in ranking the  suggested nominees, 
and for the nominees, there were 116
folks involved.

Candidate Bob Pegues received the highest
combined ranking on both lists and was 
nominated by two of his boxers including
multi-term Canadian champion Kenny Lally
and club mate Jag Seehra,  Bob also received
direct support from Boxing BC president 
Mickey Sims and 2013 junior/youth inductee
Mickey Griffin and others listed on the 
nomination. For Mr. Pegues, there is a 
Bob Pegues Tribute site on facebook

Other nominees had various levels of support 
such as the late Harry Twist  who was 
nominated by former boxer and 2010 inductee
Frederick Steven Fuller.  Mr. Twist is also
mentioned on Fuller's wikipedia site:

Pro records of Billy Townsend and Kit Munro
are available on Box Rec:
Billy was born in England and his hometown  was
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.  Billy began
boxing as an amateur in an interesting named
boxing club: "Hopes and Has-Beens  Boxing Club".

Other Links
Dreams Never Die re. William J. Finlay
and the Golden Gloves story "Billy's Dream"

The above link takes us from 1946 to 2013, a 67 year old dream that became
a reality, and was mentioned by Boxing Canada journalist Raquel Ruiz

BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame
the above look is the official blog for the 
BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame

The Harry Twist Boxing Story
with view from inductee Freddy Fuller
the above link takes us back to the South Burnaby Boxing club with the
likes of Johnny Phillips, Des Archer, Fuller
Frank and Keith Scott. and Ron Wilson.
Harry Twist is an inductee of the
Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame and
an inductee for the BCABHOF for 2014/

The Bob Pegues Boxing Story
the above link takes us down the boxing highway
of boxer/coach Bob Pegues 1969 to 2013
some of the names of folks in the story include
Brian Zelley, George Nepper, Dan Wright,
John Ormandy, Jack Snaith, Mickey Griffin,
Les Hamilton. Kenny Lally, Jag Seehra and
2013 BC Boxing president Mickey Sims

Inductees 2010 - 2013

RALPH GALLOWAY, builder 2013

 Updated Ranker
11 New Additions


As the months roll by, there will be
many new stories to tell,
and many more names to add

Special thanks to all that have
participated during our 
five year boxing journey

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BC Boxing Names Revisted

BC Boxing Names: The Top 5: 1) 1994 Commonwealth Games, 2) Abe Seriani, 3) Al Decarie *** Honorary Life Member of the BC Amateur Boxing Association, 4) Al Duval, 5) Al Harper and 477 more...click to see the rest.

a few changes since the original post

Joe Preston, coach and official

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BC Boxing Names

BC Boxing Names: The Top 5: 1) Abe Seriani, 2) Al Duval, 3) Al Harper, 4) Al Ranger, 5) Al Young and 100 more...click to see the rest.

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Top Names in BC Boxing 1939 to 2012

Top Names in BC Boxing 1939 to 2012  - Link to the tops list of BC Boxing

                 Frank Albert Scott in International competition

As of June 16, 2013: Of 60 names those that have now received
votes as a top name in BC Amateur boxing include:

Member of the BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame (2010 to 2013)
Frank Scott, Tony Duffy, Mickey Griffin, Gordie Lawson, Harold Mann, 
George Shiels, Freddy Fuller, Jamie Ollenberger, George Nepper,
Lindy Lindmoser and Alan Brown

Others that are not yet in the BCABHOF:
Willy Curry, Dave Wylie, Skimp Williams, 
Brian Zelley and Kit Munro.

David "Diamond Boy" Wylie  is one of the names of boxers and builders
that have not been selected to the BCABHOF, but has reached a level
from various lists that moves him to the tops of BC boxing.  And of the
tops, he is one of 16 of  the 60 in the "Tops in BC" list to receive approval
from general sources. 

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Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989

A Select List of some That Made a Difference

Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989

The names in this list are the ones that have reached a high ranking from
other lists for a variety of reasons.  But over time new names will be added 
when they  reach a specific point.


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Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989

Those that have earned ten support points

Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989
* A cross section of names of boxers and builders of amateur boxing in
British columbia of which half of them have been selected for the BC amateur
boxing hall of fame and the rest are previous members of boxing, and a few
are still involved in one or more areas.

June 2, 2013 Status:  42 Names
Even split of 21 inductees to the BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame,
and 21 others some of which have not even been considered in the
past for a nomination let alone an induction

The 21 Inductees: (in no set order_
Frankie Scott, Tony Duffy, Mickey Griffin, Manny Sobral, Gordie Lawson,
George Shiels, Lindy Lindmoser, Harold Mann, Freddy Fuller, Alan Brown, 
Jamie Ollenberger, Marg O'Reilly, Ian Gibson, Jim Gallagher, Jim Howie,
Jack Snaith, Gary Wood, George Nepper, George Armson, Fred Fuller,
and George Angelomatis. 

The other 21 Names (in no set order_
Dave Wylie, Willy Curry, Kit Munro, Brian Zelley, Ken Stant, Dan Wright,
Bill Gariepy, Brian Jones, Bill Walker, Buddy Palmer, Leif Albrechtsen, 
Allan Tummon, Bob Mercer, Capi Damani, Dale Anderson, Winnie Schelt,
Clark MacLellan, Ken MacDonald, Chester Douglas, Harry Pollitt and
Skimp Williams. 

                                         Freddy Stephen Fuller  AND  Dave Wylie

FRANK WHITE vs ALEXANDER "Sandy" ROBB, Jiune 15, 2013

"Last Round" Action in June: by Brian Zelley

News   - link from the National Boxing Authority

* In any rematch, there can be no predictions as the the end result.
Such is the case withe the National Boxing Authority title bout
scheduled for June 15th. which is being promoted by the busy group
Last Round Boxing.  The bout will feature Frank White vs Sandy Robb.

Some of the early pre-fight buzz is being covered by Daniel Doiron of a
New Briunswick.

The Post Fight Buzz:  
* Most often in professional boxing, the main event is the receipient of 
the most press coverage.  But, because of strange circumstances.  This
bout is only a footnote to the real story of Moncton boxing and the
Moncton boxing card of June 15,2013.

One of the big stories that will have a greater shelf life than any 
boxing bout will be the outrageous suspension of boxer
Julien Collette whose only fault was speaking up to ask for
his pay.  But, the case of the missing money in the briefcase,
the mystery thief, the crazy contracts and commission member
that cried wolf or should we say police turned his request into
what appears to be a twisted side show that sppears to resemble
some skit on the Comedy Club circuit.     

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Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989

* the various boxing lists re. British Columbia boxers and builders
Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989
Note:  a name on a list does not assume or indicate they are the
the best boxers, coaches and officials, or imply they were the
most active.

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Vancouver's Firefighters/South Hill Boxing Alumni

Vancouver's Firefighters/South Hill Boxing Alumni

Dick Findlay, Frank Scott, Freddy Fuller

Bert Lowes

                                                  Dave Wylie and Freddy Fuller

                                          Freddy Fuller ** Dick Findlay ** Dave Wylie
                                       Brian Zelley ** Gordie Lawson ** Jimmy Walters
                                    John Gamble ** Frank Scott ** Lindy Lindmoser

                                              Firefighters boxing club 1970

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INDUCTEES 2010 to 2013: by brian zelley

The Names on the wall 2010 to 2013
* It has been an interesting journey over the four years
discussing names, potential nominees, nominees and
then the inductees from 15 in 2010 to the large group
in 2013.  But, now the journey will continue into 2014
with a nomination process that will begin in Sept. 2013.

The Pioneers:
* those selected in the pioneer 
category are
Vic Murdoch               - 2013
Tommey Paonessa   -  2011

The All Rounders:

* the three all-rounders are
Roger Adolph    - 2012
Lennie Walters - 2011
Derrick Hoyt      - 2013

Junior and Youth 
* The three junior/youth boxers
selected are:
Alan Brown     - 2011
Tony Duffy      - 2012
Mickey Griffin - 2013

Alan Brown

* above link covers Campbell River Eagles, Alan Brown and 
pioneer Tommy Paonessa.

Women In Boxing:
 Garside - Gigliotti - Lapointe - O'Reilly - Taylor

Allan Bayne, Chris Ius, Dale Walters, Dick Findlay,
Donnie Orr, Eddie Haddad, Frank Scott, Fred Desrosiers, 
Freddy Fuller, Gary Wood, Gordie Lawson, Harold Mann,
Jack Snaith, Jamie Ollenberger, Jimmy Walters,
Laurie Mann, Lindie Lindmoser, Manny Sobral,
Matt O'Brien, Michael Olajide jr., Sid McKnight.

The Boxers links: 
Frederic Stephen Fuller:

Frank Albert Scott:

Jack Snaith:  http://zelleyonboxing.blogspot.ca/2013_01_01_archive.html
*the link also covers boxer Gary Wood.

There are 20 builders from Bert Lowes 
to Wally Doern.

2010:  Dave Brown, Elio Ius, Fred Fuller
             Pat O'Reilly and Rick Brough

Special Categories:
*  Campbell River Eagles Boxing Club
*  Nanaimo Boxing Club
*  Spruce Capital Boxing Club
*   the Boyce family
*  1967 International Centennial Diamond Belt
*  1984 Junior Nationals and Senior box-offs  

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BC boxing story - history


HALL OF FAME:  By Brian Zelley

The Introduction
Since 2010, there have been numerous individuals, clubs, and
other inductees into what became the British Columbia Amateur
Boxing Hall of Fame.  This has required for years of effort of 
remembering and documenting the many stories which forms
the backbone and nerve center of amateur boxing in BC.
When we go through the many stories,  there are many examples
of joint involvement in many of the clubs or events that outlines
some of the sigThe Individuals ips, and national tournaments and events.
The history will primary cover the time period from 1939 to 2013.

Individual Names:
Other Categories:
the Boyce family, the Campbell river Eagles Boxing club
the Nanaimo Boxing club, Spruce Capital Boxing club,
1967 International Centennial Diamon Belt championships, and
1984 Junior Nationals and Senior Open Box-offs.

Some Of The Faces:

Back to the Forties:

*  by taking the story back to the forties
it takes us back to the first complete decade of 
Golden Gloves action and also begins with some 
of the names such as:
Tommy Paonessa, Vic Murdoch, Eddie Haddad
and Elio Ius, but it also begins the story of those
such as Jimmy Walters. With these five early names
they are all different but along the way they 
helo to connect the other inductees and the many folks
that have been or are still involved in amateur boxing.

1948 BC Golden Gloves
* It was ten years since the Sun Golden Gloves began
in Vancouver in 1939, but the 1948 Golden Gloves
would highlight the names Paonessa, Haddad and
Ius along with others.
Some of the names: Ius, Jamel, Langston, May,
 Haddad, McPhee, Baxter, and Walters.

* part of the 1948 story would see boxer
Eddie Haddad earn a spot on the Canadian
Olympic Boxing team.

The team of Canadian boxers:
* the 1948 Olympic Games, London, England
Joe Sandulo, Fred Daigle, Armand Savoie,
Eddie Haddad, Gerald Blackburn, 
Jack Keenan and Adam Faul.