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BC boxing story - history


HALL OF FAME:  By Brian Zelley

The Introduction
Since 2010, there have been numerous individuals, clubs, and
other inductees into what became the British Columbia Amateur
Boxing Hall of Fame.  This has required for years of effort of 
remembering and documenting the many stories which forms
the backbone and nerve center of amateur boxing in BC.
When we go through the many stories,  there are many examples
of joint involvement in many of the clubs or events that outlines
some of the sigThe Individuals ips, and national tournaments and events.
The history will primary cover the time period from 1939 to 2013.

Individual Names:
Other Categories:
the Boyce family, the Campbell river Eagles Boxing club
the Nanaimo Boxing club, Spruce Capital Boxing club,
1967 International Centennial Diamon Belt championships, and
1984 Junior Nationals and Senior Open Box-offs.

Some Of The Faces:

Back to the Forties:

*  by taking the story back to the forties
it takes us back to the first complete decade of 
Golden Gloves action and also begins with some 
of the names such as:
Tommy Paonessa, Vic Murdoch, Eddie Haddad
and Elio Ius, but it also begins the story of those
such as Jimmy Walters. With these five early names
they are all different but along the way they 
helo to connect the other inductees and the many folks
that have been or are still involved in amateur boxing.

1948 BC Golden Gloves
* It was ten years since the Sun Golden Gloves began
in Vancouver in 1939, but the 1948 Golden Gloves
would highlight the names Paonessa, Haddad and
Ius along with others.
Some of the names: Ius, Jamel, Langston, May,
 Haddad, McPhee, Baxter, and Walters.

* part of the 1948 story would see boxer
Eddie Haddad earn a spot on the Canadian
Olympic Boxing team.

The team of Canadian boxers:
* the 1948 Olympic Games, London, England
Joe Sandulo, Fred Daigle, Armand Savoie,
Eddie Haddad, Gerald Blackburn, 
Jack Keenan and Adam Faul.

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