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INDUCTEES 2010 to 2013: by brian zelley

The Names on the wall 2010 to 2013
* It has been an interesting journey over the four years
discussing names, potential nominees, nominees and
then the inductees from 15 in 2010 to the large group
in 2013.  But, now the journey will continue into 2014
with a nomination process that will begin in Sept. 2013.

The Pioneers:
* those selected in the pioneer 
category are
Vic Murdoch               - 2013
Tommey Paonessa   -  2011

The All Rounders:

* the three all-rounders are
Roger Adolph    - 2012
Lennie Walters - 2011
Derrick Hoyt      - 2013

Junior and Youth 
* The three junior/youth boxers
selected are:
Alan Brown     - 2011
Tony Duffy      - 2012
Mickey Griffin - 2013

Alan Brown

* above link covers Campbell River Eagles, Alan Brown and 
pioneer Tommy Paonessa.

Women In Boxing:
 Garside - Gigliotti - Lapointe - O'Reilly - Taylor

Allan Bayne, Chris Ius, Dale Walters, Dick Findlay,
Donnie Orr, Eddie Haddad, Frank Scott, Fred Desrosiers, 
Freddy Fuller, Gary Wood, Gordie Lawson, Harold Mann,
Jack Snaith, Jamie Ollenberger, Jimmy Walters,
Laurie Mann, Lindie Lindmoser, Manny Sobral,
Matt O'Brien, Michael Olajide jr., Sid McKnight.

The Boxers links: 
Frederic Stephen Fuller:

Frank Albert Scott:

Jack Snaith:
*the link also covers boxer Gary Wood.

There are 20 builders from Bert Lowes 
to Wally Doern.

2010:  Dave Brown, Elio Ius, Fred Fuller
             Pat O'Reilly and Rick Brough

Special Categories:
*  Campbell River Eagles Boxing Club
*  Nanaimo Boxing Club
*  Spruce Capital Boxing Club
*   the Boyce family
*  1967 International Centennial Diamond Belt
*  1984 Junior Nationals and Senior box-offs  

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