Sunday, June 2, 2013

Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989

Those that have earned ten support points

Top Names in BC Boxing 1960 to 1989
* A cross section of names of boxers and builders of amateur boxing in
British columbia of which half of them have been selected for the BC amateur
boxing hall of fame and the rest are previous members of boxing, and a few
are still involved in one or more areas.

June 2, 2013 Status:  42 Names
Even split of 21 inductees to the BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame,
and 21 others some of which have not even been considered in the
past for a nomination let alone an induction

The 21 Inductees: (in no set order_
Frankie Scott, Tony Duffy, Mickey Griffin, Manny Sobral, Gordie Lawson,
George Shiels, Lindy Lindmoser, Harold Mann, Freddy Fuller, Alan Brown, 
Jamie Ollenberger, Marg O'Reilly, Ian Gibson, Jim Gallagher, Jim Howie,
Jack Snaith, Gary Wood, George Nepper, George Armson, Fred Fuller,
and George Angelomatis. 

The other 21 Names (in no set order_
Dave Wylie, Willy Curry, Kit Munro, Brian Zelley, Ken Stant, Dan Wright,
Bill Gariepy, Brian Jones, Bill Walker, Buddy Palmer, Leif Albrechtsen, 
Allan Tummon, Bob Mercer, Capi Damani, Dale Anderson, Winnie Schelt,
Clark MacLellan, Ken MacDonald, Chester Douglas, Harry Pollitt and
Skimp Williams. 

                                         Freddy Stephen Fuller  AND  Dave Wylie

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