Sunday, June 16, 2013

Top Names in BC Boxing 1939 to 2012

Top Names in BC Boxing 1939 to 2012  - Link to the tops list of BC Boxing

                 Frank Albert Scott in International competition

As of June 16, 2013: Of 60 names those that have now received
votes as a top name in BC Amateur boxing include:

Member of the BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame (2010 to 2013)
Frank Scott, Tony Duffy, Mickey Griffin, Gordie Lawson, Harold Mann, 
George Shiels, Freddy Fuller, Jamie Ollenberger, George Nepper,
Lindy Lindmoser and Alan Brown

Others that are not yet in the BCABHOF:
Willy Curry, Dave Wylie, Skimp Williams, 
Brian Zelley and Kit Munro.

David "Diamond Boy" Wylie  is one of the names of boxers and builders
that have not been selected to the BCABHOF, but has reached a level
from various lists that moves him to the tops of BC boxing.  And of the
tops, he is one of 16 of  the 60 in the "Tops in BC" list to receive approval
from general sources. 

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