Sunday, June 2, 2013

FRANK WHITE vs ALEXANDER "Sandy" ROBB, Jiune 15, 2013

"Last Round" Action in June: by Brian Zelley

News   - link from the National Boxing Authority

* In any rematch, there can be no predictions as the the end result.
Such is the case withe the National Boxing Authority title bout
scheduled for June 15th. which is being promoted by the busy group
Last Round Boxing.  The bout will feature Frank White vs Sandy Robb.

Some of the early pre-fight buzz is being covered by Daniel Doiron of a
New Briunswick.

The Post Fight Buzz:  
* Most often in professional boxing, the main event is the receipient of 
the most press coverage.  But, because of strange circumstances.  This
bout is only a footnote to the real story of Moncton boxing and the
Moncton boxing card of June 15,2013.

One of the big stories that will have a greater shelf life than any 
boxing bout will be the outrageous suspension of boxer
Julien Collette whose only fault was speaking up to ask for
his pay.  But, the case of the missing money in the briefcase,
the mystery thief, the crazy contracts and commission member
that cried wolf or should we say police turned his request into
what appears to be a twisted side show that sppears to resemble
some skit on the Comedy Club circuit.     

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