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This article is a story that appeared in the Sportcaster
on June 7, 1977 as was the end of the season for 
the Victoria Athletic Association.

Amateur boxing  for the 1976/77 season came to an official
end recently when the Annual Awards were presented at the
first annual awards ceremony for the VICTORIA ATHLETICS
ASSOCIATION.   Sharing awards for the boxing program were
Malcolm Montgomery, Matt Montgomery, Gary Robinson and 
Tom Turnbull.

Malcolm Montgomery who showed steady improvement 
throughout the year, received the award for 
The Most Improved Boxer.  

Matt Montgomery went from a novice boxer to an open
junior contender.  His most important bouts were against
top rated Dale Walters from Burnaby.  For his effort over 

over the year, Matt received the award for the 
Most Sportsmanlike Boxer.  In all his bouts< Matt showed
compassion for lesser foes and courage against the likes 
of Walters and John Herman of Richmond.

Gary Robinson was selected  as the best VAA boxer.
Throughout the year Robinson faced the best boxers 
in his weight division.  Many of the toughest bouts ended
in split decisions.  Having faced the best in many close 
bouts Robinson was top choice for VAA Boxer of the Year.

Tom Turnbull who boxed in the novice welterweight division
was the first recipient  of a perpetual trophy dedicated to
the late Nick Lystar.  Tom won the best left hand  trophy
for his excellent use of the left jab and left hook in all of
his bouts.

In the words of former flyweight champion Jimmy Wilde:
"The young boxer must develop punching power with the 
left.  Learn to use it swiftly, powerfully and accurately".

Aside from the individual awards, the VAA boxing 
program has resulted in renewed interest  in the 
sport of amateur boxing in Victoria.  Many persons
including the boxers, coaches, parents, officials and
fans contributed to this success.  The key persons 
involved - coaches: Mike Caird, Brian Zelley and 
Lou Bujdoso, manager Ian Duddy, and Jack Dillon, 
Bob Perry and Don Shaw.

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