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(as published in the "Sportcaster" on January 9, 1980)
-story by Brian Zelley, boxing coach and VAA director)

(note: this story was to look back at the boxing scene in 
Victoria, BC, Canada and document some of the changes
However, it was not intended to be an in-depth history of
every club show and tournament.  One important change
was when Nanaimo Boxing Club co-founders Dan Wright
and Britan Zelley joined with the local Victoria boxing 
community to begin a re-building of the sport of amateur

"Amateur boxing in Victoria started the Seventies in a 
decade of doubt, but closes out the 1970's with a record 
of growth and achievement.

In the early years, boxing was on the ropes with limited
activity and public exposure.    In the last six years,
amateur boxing in Victoria has made a strong comeback
and has created a new wave of interest.  Prior to this 
period, boxing was in a rebuilding stage as a result of the
decline in top level boxers in British Columbia after the 
1968 Olympics. 

From 1970 to 1973, boxing was kept alive through the 
efforts of Gordie McGaw, Larry Montgomery and
Mike Caird.  At this time, the local boxers were 
competing in club shows on the Island and several
boxers entering tournaments in Vancouver.

   (Reprint from "The Victorian", November 22, 1974)
      The revival of boxing:  Ian Weir, Mike Caird, Brian Zelley)

In 1974, three veteran boxers moved to Victoria to be part of the rebuilding
program.  With the arrival of Brian Zelley, Dan Wright and Ian Weir, Caird
was able to expand the boxing program.

The first local boxer to achieve National attention was Wayne Crowe who
was a silver medalist in the 1974 Canadian Amateur Boxing Championships.

in 1975, the boxing program received a boost when the London Boxing Club
helped with financial assistance ...On June 6, 1976, boxing back with the LBC
hosted an English Schoolboy vs BC Junior Selects tournament, and on
August 31, 1976 the Victoria Athletic Association  was formed at took over 
sponsorship of the boxing program.  Due to increased help provided by the
directors and other members and improved training facility  at the 
Quadra Recreation Centre, the coaches (Mike Caird, Brian Zelley
and Mike Sartori) were able to develop better qualified and more
experienced  boxers.  As a result Victoria boxers won many 
provincial tournament championships. 

The top three junior boxers to emerge were Gary Robinson,  
Cliff Ballendine and Matt Montgomery. 
(note the story listed some of championships won by the boxers)

Boxing in Victoria expanded when Lou Bujdoso left the VAA
to form his own club which became the Victoria Jaycees.
(Quadra Recreation Centre)

The combined boxing programs in Victoria joined together 
to sponsor the revived 1980 Diamond Belt Championship
in February. "

End of Story, or will the story be repeated in a town or village
somewhere at some future date, or will some critical points
be found that can begin a new journey for one or many.

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