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THE 1990 REVIVAL OF THE GVABA: By Brian Zelley

The Greater Victoria Amateur Boxing Association was revived in the Nineties,
as a result of the expected 1994 Commonwealth Games and was first considered
as an important starting point for Games' volunteer organization by the boxing
committee comprised of Hassan Sunderani, Brian Zelley, Mike Sartori and BVABA
president Glynn Jones. This idea was later approved by the commmittee and other
interested persons at a public meeting held in April 1990 which included others
such as former Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Commissioner Rick Brough.

With the assistance of then Executive Director of the Victoria Commonwealth
Games Society, JIM STOTHART,
the meedting took place at the Princess Mary
Restaurant on May 13, 1990 which was attended by 23 individuals including
Commonwealth Games Committee member Sunderani, Jones, Sartori and Zelley.

The founding meeting was completed and the first official meeting of new group
was commenced with the election of directors, officers, committeees etc.

TIMES-Colonist news:
The following was reported in Victoria's Times-Colonist:
Brian Zelley was named president of the Greater Victoria Amateur
Boxing Association during the group's organizational meting held Sunday.

the association has been formed to help rebuild amateur boxing in the area
and to create a strong awareness of the sport in Victoria prior to the
Commonwealth Games coming her in 1994.

The rest of the group's executive are:
J. R. Smith, Wes Byrnell and Ian Duddy.
The first vice-president, PUD SMITH

The group's directors are Tom Duncan Mike Caird, Mike Sartori,
Ian Weir, Rick Brough, Etsel Ross, Dr. Dan Buie, Hassan Sunderani,
Bert Wilkinson and Tom Black.


Prior to attending various meeting in the Nineties, Rick had been
active in Vancouver Island Boxing in the Seventies and Eighties.
He was one of the officials at the "Bathtub Capital Golden Gloves
at Nanaimo in 1978 and one of the organizers for the 1984 V E
Amateur Boxing Championships, and a co-founder of the Ladysmith ABC.
Rick Brough is an inductee of the British Columbia Amateur Boxing
Hall of Fame.

Glynn Jones, president of the B. C Amateur
Boxing Association, was present at Sunday's organizational meeting.

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