Thursday, December 8, 2011

BC BOXERS, bantams and feathers

Alan Brown and Roger Adolph
John Gamble and Wayne Boyce
Frank Scott and Brian Zelley
Jess Brown and Dale Walers

The following is 29 former boxers that engaged in ring activity
in the bantamweight and featherweight divisons, Over time, sme
would have competed in other divisions from flyweight to
welterweight. Add two of the best from Portland and Seattle,
RAY LAMPKIN and NEIL KNIGHT and some great bouts are guaranteed,
and it makes for some exciting boxing through the ages.
Then add current champions like Jess Brown.

BOXERS FROM 1966 to 1990
Alan Brown, Barry Lowe, Bob Kacer, Brian Gray, Brian Zelley
Butch O'Gurien, Chris Ius, Cliff Ballendine, Dale Walters, Del Deugau,
Frankie Scott, Freddie Hughes, Geronimo Bie, Greg Laboucan, Harold Handlin,
Jimmy McMillan, Joe Cooke, John Cowan, Ken MacDonald, Ken Henderson
Ken Stant, Leo Chabot, Les Hamilton, Michael O'Reilly, Mickey Griffin,
Orlan Ralph, Roger Adolph, Ron MacEachern, and Wayne Boyce.

If we take the time period from 1939 to 2011, there would be many more.
We could try to select who was the best at a certain point intime, but
that is open to subjective opinions. And there is likely no one we
could try to compare boxers such as Roger adolph or Ken MacDonald of
1966 with the likes of Les Hamilton of the Seventies or Bie of the

Tying to compare activity of boxers of the Sixties with boxers of the
Eighties and Nineties would be an interesting academic exercise but it
could not compare the skills and abilities of one boxer over another.

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