Friday, November 13, 2009


LONDON BOXING CLUB - Victoria, BC, Canada

A rich history of amateur boxing and other sports, The two key events in the Sixties and 1976
were the 1964 Vancouver Island Championships and the 1976
English Schoolboy Boxers and
BC Boxing's Junior Selects. During the 1976 Tournament, London Boxing Club coaches
Mike Caird and Brian Zelley and Vancouver Island Boxing Commissioner Howard Curling
received special certificates from the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association.

However, the London Boxing Club contributed much more to the sport than two key tournaments,
it would be the site of many club shows in the Sixties through the efforts of coach Harry Morris
and other key folks like Stan Richardson, Bill Selfridge and fans like the Alexander family that
had two sons engage in boxing shows including Lacrosse sensation Kevin Alexander and older brother
Ken Alexander who would compete in the 1967 B.C Golden Gloves. Also two former BC Olympic
boxers FRED DESROSIERS and DICK FINDLAY would engage in club shows. Also, after the London Club
folded and replaced by the Victoria Athletic Association the new organization would be the host club
of 2000 Canadian Olympic Boxer DONNY ORR Jr. and the 1976 Tournament would also see 1984
Canadian bronze medal winner in the LA Olympics, DALE WALTERS engage in action as one of
the BC Junior Selects.

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