Friday, November 13, 2009


CLUBS - All things must fade away

Some of the old and likely forgotten clubs of 1973:
Chilliwack District Boxing Club - Coquitlam Boxing Club - Creston Boxing Club -
Cumberland Boxing Club - Mount Pleasant Boxing Club - Nelson Boxing Club
Sparta Boxing Club - St. Pats Boxing Club - Trail Boxing Club -
New Westminster Boxing Club.

Some of the coaches connected to these clubs:

Sam Douglas, Bill Young & Fred Smith, Fred Ryckman, Harry Castle,
Terry Cooke & Ken Henderson, Tommy Burns, Bob Sterlie, Steve Tohill,
Leo Chabot, and Harry Twist.

The New Westminster Club would return as the Queensborough Boxing club
with the likes of Frankie Scott

Some may also remember Terry Cooke during his days with the Nort Weast Eagles
or his recent involvement at the Astoria Hotel.

Some may also remember the old Firefighters Boxing Club, in 1972 the
coach was Lindy Lindmoser, previous coaches were Bert Lowes and Pat West.
But, before the Firefighters there was the South Hill club


Not only clubs and coaches but how many remember the efforts of
Gary Wallace, John McCluskey, Bill Cowie, Joe Magri, or boxers Ed
Wainright, Fred Buckle, Ian Hunter, John Dzus and Gary Kuipers.


  1. which year did the new west boxing club become Queensborough boxing club.

  2. Rick Hen, another East End boy, who helped John Wylie with the EVO in '66 ... Rick was a character; so was John.