Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The 2 Rivers Boxing Club ready for action


(This report prepared by Brian Zelley with the assistance of Dan Mott)

2 Rivers Boxer

December 15th

Bouchie Lake Hall,
Centennial Road
Quesnel, BC

Host Head Coach:
Wally Doern.

Background Information:

*Since it's revival several years ago, the 2 Rivers Boxing Club
has been an active and positive force in amateur boxing 
with numerous hosted boxing cards and the hosting of one
of the annual tournaments and being ready, willing and
able to travel to other boxing cards and tournaments.

Special consideration should
 also be given to boxer
 served as one of the volunteer
administrators for the BC Amateur 
Boxing Hall of Fame
since it's beginning in 2010.

*There will be various clubs that will take part in this show including
Betty Clarke's  Shaolin Boxing Club of Prince George.  Also expected
to be part of the action is the Revelstoke Boxing Club.  As a special part of 
the event Canadian champion KEN LALLY is expected to appear from
Prince George to put on an exhibition with  his club mate JAG SEEHRA.

The first story has appeared in the Quesnel Cariboo Observor

Wally is interviewed and some of the novice first time boxers are mentioned including:

Erin Dale, Zayd Jaffi and Devon Star along with a couple of others with
experience such as Dan Mott and Kyle Tessier. 

Ring Officials:
One of the ring officials that is expected to be in attendance is
Vicky McLellan of Williams Lake.  A likely referee should be Ian Gibson.


Every boxing club has a story and a beginning, for the original and
early members of the club they should be recognized and praised
for being there to start the never ending journey down the
twisting and turning boxing highway.

*Remember when, the club hosted a show in May of  2011 which would be in
memory of KELLY MOONEY and three of the stars of the show from 2 Rivers  

would be Dan Mott, Devin Mooney and Ray Beaulieu with competition from  
such places as Prince George, Williams Lake and the Queensborough club
of New Westminster (that is an old club that was started by the late
Frankie Scott, 1966 bronze medal winner of the Commonwealth Games.

Recent Flashbacks - A Moment of Glory

From the rich treasure chest of Golden Moments
and threads of silver, will be a few moments of 
glory for the 2 Rivers boxing.  In recent times,
see the boxer and his own piece of glory that
can be added to the deep places of the
"2 Rivers Boxing Club's Treasure Chest.

WALLY DOERN, the Head Coach

Wlally Doern, the head coach of 
the boxing club arrived back
in Quesnel a couple of years
ago to revive his old club
the 2 Rivers Boxing Club.

Prior to the revival, Wally had
had many excellent achievements
as a coach in Quesnel and some 
of the former boxers would return
to the club to be part of the great revival.  And it did not take long for
the lads from 2 Rivers to be an active part of amateur boxing in 
British Columbia, and would be part of the return to boxing for 
Victoria, BC when the Capital City boxing club hosted the 
2010 Golden Gloves.  (photo at the Golden Gloves includes
BOB PEGUES, a former Nanaimo boxer of the Seventies and
now a Prince George coach who trains top ranked boxers
Kenny Lally and Jag Seehra, and 2 Rivers Coach WALLY DOERN).

Boxers and Builders On A Journey 

*As the club prepares to perform on December 15th, there is always time to smile

The line-up
of gym moments
as they prepare
for the big day.

Participants Scheduled to see action

*British Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame. 

The Set-up Crew

* According to Cleo Stromquist, the set-up crew did
an excellent with the pre-event readiness  for chairs

Fight of the Night:

* Dan Mott was victorious in his bout that was named
Fight of the Night.

It is expected that the "2 Rivers Boxing Club"
will host another boxing show in March 2013.


  1. They hosted a show in March and it was an excellent show. Wonderful job.

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