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BC BOXERS 1970 to 1975
                       (photo from the files of the Victoria Athletic Association)

Larry Adams, Rick Albrechtsen, Peter Alec, Nelson Ali, Dale Anderson,
Ken Anderson, Lloyd Anderson,  Shane Anderson, Alex Angelomatis,
George Angelomatis, Derek Austin, Neil Austin, Cliff Ballendine, 
Scott Bannink, Mark Barr, Steve Bellis, Peter Beltrame, Willie Benallie,
Alex Beveridge, Rick Biden, David Blair, Jimmy Blair, Peter Blair,
Barry Blatter, Wayne Blatter, Dean Bohn, Gary Bridal, Graydon Britton, 
Alan Brown, Dean Bruckshaw,  Fred Buckle, Murray Burton, 
Kevin Carney, Barry Cartwright, John Casano, Fred Clarke, 
Steve Connolly. Joe Cooke, Lou Cooke, Mike Cote, Danny Crawford,
Wayne Crowe, Lorne Daigneault,  Capi Damani, Bob DelRio, 
Perry Demosten,  Gary Desrosiers,  Paul DiBenedetto,  Rod Dickie, 
Chester Douglas, Ian Douglas, Sid Douglas, Randy Durante, Rick Eedy,
Bruce Edwards, Malcolm Eldridge, Danny Elgie,   Ron Elgie, Dwayne Evenson,  
                              NEIL AUSTIN - JOE COOKE - FRANK SCOTT
                              (Courtesy of Freddy Fuller and the Scott Family)

Jim Fidler, Derek Flanagan, Mike Frank, Tony Francis, Freddy Fuller
Kerry Gallagher, Scott Galloway,  John Gamble, Bill Gariepy, Titch Gill, 
Mickey Griffin, Roman Grimard, Lorne Hamer-Jackson, Les Hamilton, 
Billy Hardie, Todd Hatley, Danny Herman, John Herman, Kevin Howard,
Derrick Hoyt, Shane Hoyt, Jim Hunter, Keith Hunter, Tim Hunter, 

Hamid Ismail, Chris Ius, David Ius, Gary Ivers, Mike jaeger< Lyle Jack
Ken Jesson, Clyde Johnson,  Billy Johnstone, Brian Jones, Kelly Justaon,
Arnold Kelly, Hugh Kelly, Bill Kennedy, Gary Kuipers, Roger Laflame, 
Kurt Lang, Gordie Lawson, Don Louis,  Wes Luke,  Darren Lussier,   
Leif Albrechtsen, Coach

Ed McCaffrey, Joe McCaffrey, Ken MacDonald, Tommy MacDonald
Sid McKnight, Jimmy MacMillan, Tom McMurchie, Brian Majors, 
Laurie Mann,  Jack Meda, Monty Mold,
Malcolm and Matt Montgomery, Buzz Montour, Sonny Mullis, 
JACK MEDA - Prince George Boxer

Danny Neal, Glenn and mike O'Connor, Mike and Pat O'Reilly
Danny O'Sullivan, Jamie Ollenberger, Darryl Olsen, Don Orr, 

Danny O'Sullivan and Brian Zelley
(photo courtesy of Dorothy Zelley)
(Training for the Silver Gloves)

John and Paul Panke, Roy Pattison, Bob Pegues,  Joe Pendry, Gerald Peters,
Harold Prince, Ian Pye  Robrt Ratcliffe, Gary and Geoff Robinson,
Laurie Rorick, Sheldon Samuels,  Taac Sasagawa, Frank Scott,
John Silver, Arnie Smith,  Jack Snaith,  Jim Stevenson, Andrew  Swim, 
Kelly and Super Sumra, Danny and Gary Tatton, 
Lance Taylor, Ron taylor, Lanny Thom, Danny Thompson,
 Dave Thornhill, Steve Tohill, Glenn Tubbs, Tom Turnbull, 
Victoria Athletic Association - Boxing photo

Mike Vukelic, Ed Wainright, Gary and Rick Walker, 
Dale and Dave Walters, Bill Watson, Ian Weir,
 Rick Wentland,' Ed Williams, Ron williams,  Lyle Wold,  
 Gary Wood, Dan Wright,  Brian Wise, Dave Wylie, 
Dean Yourng and Brian Zelley
Ian Weir, Mike Caird, Brian Zelley - 1974 Victoria, BC
Start of a Revival  of Amateur Boxing in Victoria
(photo  courtesy of the Greater Victoria  Sports Hall of Fame)

The Seventies BC Amateur Boxing

Jim and Maureen Airey, Leif Albrechtsen, Alex & George Angelomatis
Uto Arnold, Walter Austin, Len Barker, Gordon Bens,
Rudy Bianco, Walter Boyce, Wayne Boyce, Bill Brenner
Bernie Brisch, Rick Brough, Lou Bujdoso, Gerald Burton,
Mike Caird, Ian Carmichael, Darcy Clayton, Joe Cooke,
Terry Cooke, Dave Coventry, Howard Curling.

Joe Deslaurier, Ian Douglas, Robert Edge, Bob Eedy,
Earl Elgie, Darrel Elmore, Tommy Fagan, Dick Findlay,
Fred Fuller, Freddy Fuller, Lawrence Fuller, Jim Gallagher,
Ernie George, Ian Gibson, Ed Gilmore, Bob Ginetti,
Gord Griffin, Ed Higginbottom, Wally Hill, Andy Hinds,
Jim Howie, Elio, Leo and Mel Ius, Sid and Shirley Knopp

John Kovak, Thorky Larsen, Paul LeMay, Lindy Lindmoser,
Sandy Lorenzen, Fred & Walt Louie, Bert Lowes, Arnold McEwan, 
Mickey McMillan, Cliff McNabb, Harold and Irving Mann, 
Ken Marjoram, Nick Martin, Peter Mazurak, Bram Melis,
Jack Mellor, Bob and Joe Mercer, Mike Moore, Vic Murdoch, 
Peter Murray-Driver, Marg and Pat O'Reilly,  John O'Shea,
(Courtesy of Gordie Lawson - Firefighters)
Coaches:  Lindy Lindmoser, Bert Lowes,  Sandy Lorenzen

Gary Oakden, Buddy Palmer, Bob Perry, Jack Pidgeon, Joe Preston
Denny Ross, Art and George Shiels, Ray Silver, Stan Smith, Joe Swift,
Dave Thompson, Alan Tummon, Bill Walker, Lennie Walters, Bill Watson,
Ron Whalley, Dave Wylie, Jeff and Tommy Yule, Brian Zelley.


(Courtesy of Boxing BC Memorial Photo of Ron Whalley)

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  1. These are some of the many names over the decades.

  2. Don't see Tim Johnson's name anywhere. Told me one time the hardest punch he ever took was from Jerry Reddick.